8 Hour Statewide in Harrisburg Saturday

Come on out to the Statewide “8” in Harrisburg. This time will be crucial for connecting to other prayer centers throughout the state, and focusing on God’s mercy on our upcoming elections. 9am to 5pm at the State Capitol Room 8E A & B.


24 Event October 10-11, North Philly

Doing another 24 sans nightwatch this Friday Oct 10 until the wee hours. Resuming at 6am Saturday the 11th and moving onward to Penn Treaty Park for some drum circles.

Venue is at Germantown & Cecil B Moore, Faith Love Outreach, pastored by Steve Loffreda, a real shepherd type guy. This is the place where they organized ministry teams throughout the day last time, and a bunch of people got saved and ministered to.

Pittsburgh on Deck – September 12-13

Pittsburgh made an impressive showing here in Philly 3 weeks ago. There were two groups easily totalling 30 people who drove across the state to pray with us. Now they’re hosting this weekend – they will be “Releasing the Keys of Change.”

If you need to carpool for this event just leave a comment or contact us. The location is Shepherd’s Heart Fellowship,

13 Pride Street
Pittsburgh, PA 

This will be a powerful event.

Statewide 24 THIS Friday-Saturday Aug 22-23

This event will be held This Friday, August 22 – Evangelical Fellowship Church, County Line Road and Beechwood, in Huntington Valley. This chuch is located between RT 232 and Bustleton Avenue. A state senator will be in attendance Saturday morning.

Here’s the PDF – 24 PA Philly 8-22

Report – LIFE stand, Locust Avenue

Saturday I stood in front of a clinic in center city for 4 hours with Bound4Life Philly. During that morning some ~30 people walked past us to get into the clinic. Our group was there to pray for everyone who showed up, not to condemn them – we don’t bring signs and pictures, nor do we try to prevent anyone to go in. There’s no need to interfere with things or get arrested. Instead we pray for God to turn the hearts of everyone involved in the situation and to end abortion in America.

We also do not believe God’s sovereignty precludes us from contending for the heart of our city. We do our part as God does his part.

Ironically while I was standing there, I was getting some unexpected impressions about it. Whenever you show up at a clinic, the clinic sends escort people to make sure that people don’t restrict the access. I realized a couple things –

  1. The clinic escorts were there for the  same reason we were – to try to help women
  2. Our group, as well as the escorts are sincere – but both cannot be correct.
  3. We need to pray for a higher level of truth/revelation for the escorts and clinic staff.
  4. Since the clinic is located in center city, I would have expected a lot of overt spiritual resistance or persecution.
  5. However, the worst things I heard were from religious people like me – a couple people drove by shouting epithets  – “hey isn’t this where they kill the babies?”
    – true statement
    – completely counterproductive to why we were there
  6. This is an example of what I would label a “religious spirit”. When truth is used to accuse and condemn instead of to redeem, it can be counterproductive.
  7. Other than a curious guy in a wheelchair shooting pictures of us, no one did anything to taunt or harass us at all. That made the driveby comments in #5 even more damning from the “religious” guy.

I was impressed with the leadership of this group. Coming into center city just to stand on a sidewalk is not a wise use of time to our way of thinking. However it will change things if we persevere. I’m looking forward to more.

New Connection: Bound 4 Life Philly

Today I found out about a sister stream in the city – Bound 4 Life Philly.

They are located in the University City area and affiliated with Lou Engle’s ministry which stands for Life. This is really encouraging, and I am posting their next siege information below.

It’s time to unite together in prayer for the next generation!

Calling all Intercessors!

In preparation for The Call… Bound4Life Philly is looking for 260 intercessors to build a wall of prayer in front of the Planned Parenthood on Saturday August 9, 2008 @1144 Locust Street from 8am-12pm. God has called us to stand like Joshua and pray for the walls of abortion to fall. For this Siege we will need to know if you plan to attend. Come take a Joshua Stand with us!

Friday Aug 08, 2008 [Saturday August 9, 2008] – (correction by 24philly)
at 8:00 AM

Planned Parenthood
1144 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19151
United States

It’s not a Protest It’s a Prayer Meeting

I’m marking this down on my personal calendar and taking a stand with you!  It is important to contact Bound 4 Life Philly as there is limited participation per zoning. If you’re coming, reserve a spot before they run out of space!

8-22-8 Statewide Gathering Outside NE Philly

We’ve been asking for it… praying for it… here’s the start of it…  Asking God to build a foundation of prayer in Pennsylvania and this region. What’s special about this is that people from all over the state will be coming to stand with us.

Our first gathering was deeply impacting out in Meadville, and our little group was changed – somehow the ceiling came off our prayers as we stood with the others.


7 PM on Friday, August 22 through 7 PM on Saturday, August 23.


Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006   (stay tuned for specs)


Revival in PA & USA, Government, statewide & local ministries


The schedule will be set up in 2-hour blocks.


A state representative attends on Saturday morning.